An appeal about the copyright of computer programs

multi system commission in Dept.Civil Engineering

Dear all stdudents,

We were called attention and warning to copyright of computer programs from ACCS( Association of Copyright for Computer Software).
We firmly believe you have social morals, but we'll notice to make sure of basical outline of the Copyright Law.

#ACCS is a voluntary non-profit-making organization established in 1991. ACCS aims to protect the copyright of computer programs and to undertake educational activities for public awareness of copyright.

The protection of computer programs was made clear by an amendment of the Copyright Law in 1985. Computer programs are protected as works of authorship in a number of countries in the world.

However, in recent years, many criminal cases about illegal copy or loan in University all of the country was exposed. Unfortunately, most of the offender was student who didn't understand the common knowledge.

In these illegal cases, the offender and laboratorythe offender and his laboratory will be punished. We would be proud of position as a member of Saitama University, and keep the rules.