International Collaborative Graduate Program
This Collaborative programs offers undergraduate and postgraduate students of Saitama University the opportunity to study in prestigious universities abroad. The students from our partner universities can also join Saitama University under this exchange program. Currently ,the Departmentof Civil and Environmental Engineering of Saitama University is integrated with University of Moratuwa in Srilanka,  University of Hawaii in United States and Thammasart and SIIT University in Thailand. The main idea of the exchange program is to allow graduate students to work at a foreign institution, and to have it contribute towards their degree program.

Our Partners

Background of the Program

The International Graduate Program on Environmental Management and Infrastructure Development Engineering was established in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1992. This program started with 15 PhD students, including 5 students supported by the Japanese government scholarship. Later, it was extended to Masters Degree program in 1993. In 1996, the Asian Development Bank -Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP) supporting about 15 students per year was established for Masters Students in this program. Also, the program began to accept foreign students with scholarship from the World Bank and Inter- American Development Bank. The UNESCO Chair was also established in 1996.

The program has been offering courses and research guidance in English language to the foreign students. Since its establishment more than 300 Japanese students and 170 foreign students have obtained Masters Degree from the program and are working actively in many countries. The program was reorganized in 2006 and was renamed as "The International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering".

In order to further enhance the International Graduate Program, Collaborative International Exchange Program was introduced between Saitama University and University of Moratuwa in 2001, Thammasat University in 2002 and University of Hawaii in 2005. Under this program students and faculty members are exchanged between Saitama University and its partner universities.

Our Vision
To educate students in international environment and to produce graduates salable in the international market

Our Mission
The main mission of this program is to give students an opportunity to learn in an international environment so as to make them more competent in the global market. Through this program undergraudate and graduate students of Saitama University can pursue courses and research at our partner universities abroad enabling them not only to broaden their knowledge in their respective fields but also to gain valuable international exposure.

Students from our partner universities can also come to Saitama University to continue their degree programs. The students from abroad will be able to utilize the vast resources of Saitama University for their study and research. It will also provide a golden opportunity for international students to learn Japanese culture and language.

Under this collaborative exchange program, the faculty members of the partner universities will also be invited to give lectures and conduct research at Saitama University. The faculty members of Saitama University will also be dispatched to the universities abroad to share their knowledge and experience at these institutes.

One of the another main objectives of this program is to promote collaborative research programs between the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Saitama University and our partner universities.


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