International Exchange Forum
The organizers would like to welcome all the participants in the forth coming International Exchange Forum to be held in Saitama University on March 5th, 2008. International Workshop on Recent Technology in Structural and Transportation Engineering will also be held on March 6th, 2008.The forum aims to bring together students and faculty members from Saitama University and its partner universities on a mutual learning platform to share their knowledge and experience. Delegates including both faculty members and students, from University of Hawaii, United States; University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka , Thammasat University and SIIT, Thailand and Hanoi University, Vietnam, Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mangolia will visit Saitama University to participate in the forum. The program includes keynote speech by the representatives of respective universities followed by open forum for students and faculty members to improve the graduate program in the participating universities. This form is being organized to kick start the International Collaborative Graduate Program

Date: 2008/03/05

Topic: International Collaborative Graduate Program (ICGP)
Theater Room, Research and Project Building, Saitama University

Chairman:  Prof. Hiroshi Mutsuyoshi  (Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Saitama University)
Coordinator :Assistant Prof. Ha Minh


University of Hawaii
Prof. H. Ronald Riggs, Department head
Prof. Panagiotis D Prevedouros
Dr. Gaur Johnson, post-doc
3 students (Mr. Krystian Paczkowski, Ms. Yvonne Midkiff and Mr. Lambros Mitropoulos),post-doc
Thammassat University
Assoc. Prof. Uruya Weesakul, Dean /Faculty of Engineering
Assoc. Prof. Nakhorn Poovarodom
Assoc. Prof. Krittiya Lertpocasombut
Assoc. Prof. Pruettha Nanakorn
Assoc. Prof. Krishna Murari Neaupane
University of Moratuwa
Prof. S.M.A. Nanayakkara,
Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Prof. A.F.M. Amin
Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Prof. Nguyen Van Hung, President of Hanoi University of Civil Engineering
Mongolian University of Science and Technology
Assoc. Prof. Oyunchimeg Mendbayar

10:30 11:00:Opening Ceremony 

(1) Opening address, Prof. Kayama, Head of Center for International Exchange, Saitama University

(2) Opening address, Prof. Mutsuyoshi: Chair of ICGP

11:10 12:00:Introduction of International Collaborative Graduate Program

(1) Activities in FY 2007, Assoc. Prof. Okui, Y., Saitama University

(2) Participation report from students, Saitama University

13:30 15:00:Course design of graduate program in partner universities *

(1)University of Hawaii(Prof. Ronald Riggs)

(2) University of Moratuwa(Prof. S.M.A. Nanayakkara)

(3) Thammasat University( Prof.Nakhorn)

15:00 15:20:Break
15:20 17:00:Panel Discussion on Cultivation of human resources for international infrastructure development and environmental engineering *
Chair: Prof. Tsunokawa, Saitama Univ.
Panelists: Prof. Kubota, Saitama Univ
              Prof. Panos Prevedouros, Univ. of Hawaii
              Prof. Manatunge, Moratuwa Univ.

              Prof. Uruya,Thammasat Univ.

17:00 17:10:Closing address
Head of Center for International Exchange, Saitama University
18:00 19:30: Welcome Party hosted by ICGP at Kyara-tei Restaurant

* Session for Course design of graduate program in partner universities

In preparing a new course or revising an existing course faculty members are faced with several issues including selection of course contents and assessments method so as to ensure how much students are learning or how well faculty members are meeting goals of their courses. The objective of this session is to exchange information on course design of graduate program in Saitama University and its partner universities; the University of Hawaii, the University of Moratuwa and Thammasat University. In this session, one participant from each partner university is invited to do presentation on course design of graduate program including policies, strategies and attestation. 

* Panel Discussion on Cultivation of human resources for international infrastructure development and environmental engineering

The objective of the Panel Discussion is to cultivate excellent human resources and programs that enable people to adequately respond to various issues and challenges associated with rapid growth on International Infrastructure Development and Environmental Engineering. In this discussion, faculties and graduate students of Saitama University and invited faculties and graduate students of our partner universities can exchange their experience and knowledge on human resource development. One of the important scopes of the panel discussion is to identify activities and programs on Faculty Development that to seek to enhance

1. Teaching Skills 
2.Instructional structure 

Another scope is to discuss how to internationalize the Graduate Program in Saitama University focusing on

1.Credit transfer system that facilitates the recognition of periods of students study in our partner universities.
2.Students Exchange in the International Graduate Program on Civil and Environmental Engineering fostering international activitie
3.Viewing and using of students’ involvement in International Cooperative Research in effective ways.
4.Guest Lectures by invited faculties of our partner universities
5.Development of English lecture notes for graduate courses
6.How to improve skills on academic writing and presentation in English

Student Exchange Program in 2008

(1).University of Hawaii
Attendance at classes in University of Hawaii
(2).Thammasat University (3 Faculties, 12 Students)
Field investigation on
(a) Consideration on long-term stability of World Heritage Ayutthaya
(b) Subjects and solution on bridge technology of Japan and Thailand (tentative)
Presentation and discussion with students in Thammasat University and SIIT Attendance at classes in Thammasat University.
(3).University of Moratuwa (3 Faculties, 10 Students)
(a) Field visits to Construction site I, Construction site II, Wetland (i.e.,Muthurajawela)
(b) Symposium. Research papers to be presented at the symposium will be published in the proceedings.
(c) Presentations on current research projects conducted by UOM staff and Saitama university staff
(d) Discussion Session on general topics (Topic I: Mitigation of natural disasters like floods, landslides and tsunami. Topic II: Green building concept)
(e) Guest Lectures by the visiting staff of Saitama University to Postgraduate students of UOM
(f) Attending Postgraduate lectures conducted by UOM staff.

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