Faculty Staff

Geotechnical and Geosphere Research Group

Geotechnical Geosphere Research Group (GREG) consists of three subgroups, “Geotechnical engineering for disaster mitigation”, “Geoenvironmental engineering”, and “Geosphere system engineering”.

“Geotechnical engineering for disaster mitigation” covers research topics related to soil liquefaction, slope stability, ground reinforcement and improvement techniques. Various kinds of laboratory testing, filed-scale investigation and numerical modeling are used to understand soil mechanical properties and behaviors.

“Geoenvironmental engineering” covers research topics related to environmental risk assessment at contaminated ground, development of site-specific appropriate techniques for pollution control, measurements and models for water, gas, solute, heat transport in soil, and characterization of soil structure and pore networking.

“Geosphere system engineering” covers research topics related to geological disposal of radioactive waste and evaluation of the rock properties and their behaviors for construction and maintenance of rock structures. Researches on weathering process and its restoration technique for archeological sites and civil engineering heritages have been also investigated on the basis of the knowledge of geology.