Faculty Staff

Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Group

The Structural Engineering Mechanics and Materials Group conducts research and development on planning, design, performance evaluation and maintenance of civil engineering structures, such as steel, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and composite structures. Particularly, studies on mechanical and physicochemical behavior of construction material and development of new structural types, new construction methods and new materials are being carried out in this group.

The research topics in structural mechanics include understanding the mechanical behavior of new structural system, the relationship of microstructure with mechanical characteristics and fracture phenomena in structural materials.

The research areas in structural dynamics cover understanding and mitigation of dynamic responses of structures to earthquake, wind or traffic, vibration-based structural health monitoring, and, additionally, human responses to vibration and noise.

The concrete and rubber materials are mainly studied, aiming to quantitatively evaluate the long-term behavior based on chemical reaction, microstructure, and time dependent behavior of material characteristics related with temperature. Furthermore, application of new material, such as fiber reinforced polymers, in civil engineering structures are investigated.

As described above, the Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Group works on safety and durability of civil engineering structures by conducting comprehensive researches and developments in wide academic field.